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iPayimpact/ Correspondence

Trusted cashless payments for parents!
A simple and secure way for parents and guardians to pay for all school purchases, iPayimpact removes the need for pupils to bring cash and cheques into school, making school purchases completely cashless.

iPayimpact can be used to purchase school dinners, trips, events, and tickets, either through desktop, tablet, or a mobile phone, enabling you to review payments, purchase history and current balance anytime, anywhere.

Manage all school purchases

iPayimpact offers a simple and secure way for parents and guardians to pay for all school purchases.

Individual online user accounts provide parents with a single view over all their children’s activities, including clubs, trips, and meals account, with the ability to top-up anytime and view their entire transaction history and live cashless balance.

Secure online payments

All payments made through iPayimpact are covered under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide parents with the highest level of payment protection.

Set-up automated payments

You no longer need to rush to look for cash or remember to top-up your child’s account on a Sunday night. With iPayimpact, you can set up automated payments daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure your child’s account always has adequate funds.

What’s more, you can also check your live cashless balance anytime, anywhere with iPayimpact.

Letters Home

We also use this facility to share letters with parents. This is a convenient way of communicating home and avoids letters being lost on the bottom of bags. It also reduces the amount of paper the school uses which keeps our Eco Club happy! It is therefore important that all parents/guardians register on to the system. If you are having any difficulties, please contact the school office.