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Visions and Values

The school mission statement is:

Be all you can be – Byddwch yr hyn gallwch fod

This statement reflects the belief that every individual has the potential to grow and improve, both individually and collectively. Our school is always striving to improve, grow and move forward. This school is about learning and celebrating achievement and success. It recognises that self-esteem is crucial for achievement. Our philosophy of Education is always to help every child fulfil his or her potential, whatever that may be.

UNCRC – Article 29 – Your right to become the best that you can be

School Aims

Our aims for the children can be found in the School Prospectus. They are as follows:

  • Provide a caring, secure, happy atmosphere in which each individual’s progress, development and wellbeing is of utmost importance.
  • Deliver and provide a high-quality, relevant, exciting and challenging curriculum that promotes an enthusiasm for learning.
  • Have a very good understanding of our children’s emotional needs and ensure a high level of provision for emotional wellbeing.
  • Provide a spiritual dimension and multi-cultural awareness to the life of the school, which will be reflected in the children’s attitudes, tolerance and behaviour
  • Establish an environment within which teaching and support staff, governors, advisors, parents, future parents and friends of the school can work with each other to fulfil our potential and for the successful achievement of these aims for the benefit of the children.

At Crwys we aim for pupils to:

  • Develop the necessary skills to read, write and speak effectively and successfully
  • Develop independence in their learning and enquiry so that each individual has the necessary skills and attitude to succeed.
  • Use mathematical skills and ideas in everyday situations and learning
  • Develop creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and problem solving skills so that each child has the ability to explore and find out more
  • Develop an awareness of the need for personal hygiene, good manners and courtesy towards others.
  • Develop the ability to participate fully and sensitively in a society where both English and Welsh are used as a means of communication, and to develop an understanding and empathy with Welsh heritage and culture.
  • Embrace new ideas and accept differences with understanding and respect
  • Be aware of the fragility of the our planet and the importance of living in a more sustainable way and how each person in society can ‘make a difference’
  • Live a healthy and physical lifestyle and understand the importance of healthy living through a variety of means including regular use of the outdoors.
  • Gain and discover the necessary skills in using ICT and ICT devices for communicating, embracing new technologies to benefit their own learning
  • Persevere and take pride in all that they do in school and as part of the wider community
  • Identify, recognise and achieve their own attainable goals and to take pride in their achievements with an awareness of how to further improve their skills and attitudes.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with others, developing the necessary skills for teamwork
  • Develop resilience with a hard working attitude and the security of trialling different methods and approaches.
  • Be aware of and appreciate their locality, its language, culture, traditions and environment.
  • Be able to make informed decisions and gain an awareness of how to be responsible and honest.
  • Believe in themselves, have confidence and good self-esteem.