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In order to Safeguard the children in our care, the school…

  • Ensures that our children are free to express their wishes and feelings throughout their time at Crwys

  • Promotes Children’s Rights – including “the right to be listened to”

  • Has a Senior Management Team who are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children at school and in the community

  • Has a team of staff, volunteers and governors who understand how to protect and safeguard our children and know how and when they must report concerns about their welfare. This is a continual rigorous process to our school

  • Has a clear statement of its responsibility to safeguard our children as defined in safeguarding policies and any training undertaken with staff, volunteers and governors

  • Has clear lines of accountability for staff, volunteers and governors in the school as defined in our child protection policy and other safeguarding policies. 

  • Ensures that staff and governors access training in relation to the welfare and protection of our children within the expectations of local and national guidance

  • Has robust recruitment procedures which promote the welfare of our children as laid out in the school’s recruitment policy and are in line with national guidance

  • Works in close partnership with parents/carers and other services concerned with the safeguarding of our children to meet both local and national expectations

          The named persons with responsibility for Child Protection are:

  • Dylan Saer (Headteacher)
  • Simon Short (Deputy Head)
  • Cath Deslandes (ALENCo)
  • Belinda Hansford (Chair of Governors)