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Happy School

Pupil wellbeing is hugely important to us at Crwys. Happy children learn and happy children want to come to school, last year Crwys Primary’s attendance of 96.6% was the highest of all Swansea schools. In recent years, the school has developed a number of working partnerships in order to provide staff with the tools to ensure that wellbeing is at the heart of all we do. In addition to the increased focus on outdoor learning, we have also worked with HAPPEN, a network of health, education and research professionals, based at Swansea University, aimed at improving child health, wellbeing and education outcomes.

HAPPEN (Health & Attainment of Pupils in a Primary Education Network) carried out a qualitative study on the impact of the school’s increased focus on outdoor learning on pupils and staff.  Their findings found that the approach is having a positive impact on staff wellbeing.  Importantly, teachers spoke of increased job satisfaction, and they felt it was “just what I came into teaching for”.  The study;  has received global recognition, from North America and Canada, to New South Wales in Australia.  In addition, the school’s high academic standards have been sustained and improved. The University’s Centre of Population department also produced a short film showcasing what we do;

In addition, this term we have been with a company called Gwylanuk who are specialised wellbeing training providers who have helped us introduce ‘Pause Points’, these enable teachers to create reflection points and use yoga techniques within the confines of a structured space and timetable and we already feel that this is having a very positive influence.

We have also been working with the CAMHS School-in-Reach team, who have delivered pupil and parent sessions on wellbeing. Here, they work closely with the school providing sessions for whole class or groups of children on wellbeing matters such as; recognising and regulating emotions, mindfulness strategies, and school transition in Y6.