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Criw Cymraeg

The Criw Cymraeg is one of our newer committees. They are working hard to promote the Welsh language and ethos around the school. They organised a number of activities to celebrate Shwmae Day and have helped the school achieve the Welsh Language Charter Bronze Award. One of the first primary schools in Swansea to achieve the award.

The Welsh Language

Crwys is a Category EM (English Medium) school according to the language policy of Swansea County Council. This means that Welsh is taught as a second language through speaking, reading and writing.

A number of our staff speak Welsh and a bilingual culture is very evident at the school. It is our aim that on leaving Crwys Primary School pupils will have greatly developed their Welsh speaking, reading and writing skills and have achieved a good standard of bilingualism.

Incidental Welsh is regularly used in many of the everyday instructions and commands by the staff, who attend regular Welsh courses. E.g. during assemblies, registration etc. We have a Bilingual policy and we make every effort to offer the children a bilingual experience at Crwys.

All pupils are Welsh learners. Welsh is taught as a foundation subject to all children from the Foundation Phase to Year 6. There is also a strong emphasis on the ‘Curriculum Cymreig’ syllabus in the school where subjects such as Art, Geography and History are taught with a particular focus on Wales and the Welsh dimension and that Welsh culture and pride is fostered.