Head Teacher’s Welcome

Head - Dylan SearIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our new school website which is intended to help you know more about the life and work at Crwys Primary School.

At our school, we hope to provide a caring environment for your child. We endeavour to provide a wide range of balanced learning opportunities for all children, to help them grow into independent, responsible people. A good and active home and school relationship is vital, to foster a sense of partnership between parent and teacher, ensuring the best possible environment.

Crwys is a happy school which is derived from the progressive satisfaction of on-going achievements. Such high expectations causes pupils, parents, staff, the local authority and the Community to be proud of their association with the school.

Every child is different. They look different, behave differently and develop at different times and rates; learn at different times in different ways. For their sake, please do not compare them with other children.

We are delighted to have your children with us. We hope they will be happy in our school.

Dylan Saer